Sellwood3u 3.0

It is a powerful PC based HMI / SCADA application for the Mitsubishi FX PLC
3.0 (See all)

Sellwood NEW version 4.0 is a powerful PC based HMI / SCADA application for the Mitsubishi FX PLC.
Sellwood uses the power of the PC for data acquisition and monitoring. Monitored PLC points can be displayed with time-date-stamp or written to a fixed disk file. Collected data can be quickly imported into other programs. Recipe lists can be read into the PLC and wav files can be played on the PC by the PLC control.
Use Sellwood edit version To create and edit the project and then install the Sellwood run only version to run the HMI on the user PC. There are thirty different control objects such as: pushbuttons, gauges, dials, sliders, knobs, oscilloscope and others that can be picked from the pull down menus and pasted on the screens with a mouse click.
Each control object can be used as many times as needed. Each object has its own properties with PLC point addresses and each object can be copied, moved, sized and edited from the item properties menu a right click away.
Sellwood For the FX2N connects to the PLC with the red programming cable. This cable can be extended to 4000 feet on the RS422 side. Extend the cable by adding a standard 20 pin extension cable or make up a custom cable.
FX2n_Hmi Is a run only version of Sellwood2n that does not allow editing. Use Sellwood 2n to configure a project and then use 2n_Hmi to run the project on the users machine.
Sellwood for the FX3U connects to the PLC through a USB port and the USB port can be easily extended to 150 feet by using an active extension device and longer distances using a wireless USB hub.

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